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Happy holidays. Over at AGEIST, we were chatting about holiday house party style this year; specifically, a party at someone’s home or perhaps what would be spiffy when hosting your soirée. Getting dressed for a “domestic” party can feel daunting. Do you risk overdressing? Do you risk underdressing? What’s the appropriate level of comfort? As a proud homebody, I love a cozy and warm party like only a party-at-home can.

And on a whole other accord, I was amused by Town and Country’s piece on how to have a dinner party in the age of Ozempic when everyone pushes their pasta back and forth along the plate without eating it. Oy.

But back to what to wear.

First up, behold the classic fisherman sweater. You may not think of this as festive attire but when paired with a sparkly or slip skirt and some kitten heels you’ve got a great look.

I love this one from Alex Mill, and this slip dress from Simone Rocha is perfect with that lace trim. A more affordable version is available at H&M. It’s good stuff, as is this one from Universal Standard.  This pencil skirt on Amazon is fun, festive, and reasonably priced for a bit of skirted sparkle. You could also go for some drama and do a ball skirt. I wouldn’t be mad. Personally, I love this one — so much fun with a classic sweater.

You could also go for a Fair Isle look. This one is stunning and wearable with all of the above, or maybe even some leather trousers to give it an edge.

You know I love me some Trinny Woodall, who I’ve profiled here. She is the queen of glitzy glam, and this Paco Rabanne x H&M top is like a disco ball in top form. Paired with some trousers, you have a great look perfect for a dinner or cocktail party at your fabulous friend’s house. Bonus points for something sleeveless for the “flashy” amongst us. Sometimes, a sweater just won’t do when the ‘pause is in full swing.

Hosting a party at home is the perfect opportunity to rock some PJs. Nobody does a dressed-up pajama like Sleeper, and this feather-trimmed set is divine, as is this covered-up version in a super yummy color. I love these from fun brand LaLa if you’re a guest who wants a bit of glam. Good stuff.

Next up, a tale of two caftans.

I wrote about these on my Substack and love them both. The Rachel Comey version is so chic for any event this season, including a cocktail party at home, and is a real statement piece I would wear repeatedly. Plus, to make the look more affordable, go for this version from H&M. I love it.

Speaking of love, I adore velvet for the holiday season. I am obsessed with this Saloni jumpsuit. It’s a showstopper but could be done casually with a boot or chic slipper. This COS dress is a silk blend, and I adore the navy. Moreover, the shape is easy to wear, and looks dressed but not too uptight. On that note, this blazer has a nice pj-like slouch, which could work well for an event at home, as does this one; plus, I just love the olive color for something unexpected.

When paired with a slim black turtleneck, these firework earrings are festive as all get out.  And if you want to rock the sock-with-sandal trend, I spotted these metallic socks in this fabulous store in Connecticut over Thanksgiving and haven’t stopped thinking about them since. So great, non?

As for shoes, I love a fancy slipper for a dinner party. These look glam but also comfortable. Pair it with jeans or that slip-dress look, and you’re good to go.

To sum things up, here are a few takeaways for the most wonderful time of the year when you want to go big but also feel right at home:

Play with texture. From a textured sweater to a feather trim to soft velvet, texture is a great way to get a bit of extra punch in simple pieces.

Dress up your domestic duds. The PJs are great, but they’re even better when they are ready to party. This look exudes confidence and coolness on every level. 

Mettle with metallics. Metallic for the holiday is always a good idea. From large paillettes to a sparkly shoe, you can’t go wrong. 

Plus, up with accessories. If you want to keep it simple, add a piece of jewelry or two and up your ante at your auntie’s house party.

Make a signature cocktail. Though I didn’t mention this in the piece, a fabulous cocktail is always a welcome gesture. I’ve rediscovered the Cosmopolitan and, just like that, I feel like it’s the ’90s all over again.

Cheers to all, and enjoy rocking a new holiday house party style! XO

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